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Significance of Body Contouring Feature

The term contour means fitting with the shape of something. In the mattress context, the counter means how the mattress takes body shape to support curves.

You might encounter this term when you buy a mattress. Many mattress sellers use this feature as USP, especially the memory foam mattress sellers. Unarguably, memory foam offers an unmatched contouring effect.

However, no matter how much someone explains to you how good this effect is and how it benefits health, you won’t feel excited about it until you have experienced it.

Understand Body Contouring Effect With This Example

If you want to understand and feel it without buying or using this mattress, then you would understand it with this example.

Have you ever lied on the floor over a mat, if not then do that! The floor is a hard surface. It doesn’t reshape when you lie over it. Therefore, you start feeling uncomfortable on the surface as you won’t find any support at your curves.

It might be possible that after hopping out, you feel pain in the body.

On the other hand, when you lie on a soft mattress (If you have a soft mattress or mattress having contouring feature), you would experience that all your curves have some support under it, and there is no discomfort in sleeping.

All mattresses offer a certain level of contouring effect. And for the same reason, we buy a mattress. Otherwise what would have been the need of buying it.

The downside of soft mattresses is that they do provide support to pressure points and curves, however, due to its softness, people feel stuck inside.

It becomes hard to roll on the mattress, come out and even get in the bed. It also leads to frozen joints after you get out of bed.

The mattresses like memory foam, gel memory foam, open-cell are known for its exceptional body contouring effect. They are soft but the special contouring effect of it doesn’t give the feeling of stuck in the mattress.

The mattress has five or six layers that give it required strength and softness and makes it ultra-comfortable for sleeping. It is a good feature for those who are suffering from acute or chronic pain in the body. These people when don’t get enough cushion at pain points find it uncomfortable to move or get out of bed. The mattress like memory foam has the feature that it supports every portion of the body.

Body Contouring With Response Time

Now that you have understood the body contouring effect, check another term,’ Response time’. In a mattress, it is also a pertinent factor to consider.

The response time is just opposite to contouring but hold equal significance when buying a mattress. The response time means how much time a mattress is taking to resume its original shape. A shorter response time is better. Some mattresses having a good contouring effect lack quick response time. Gel foam is the best memory foam mattress because it has the aptest combination of good contouring effect and response time. When you lie on the bed, you feel relaxed.

Response time, you can understand with this example. The hotel bed is ultra-soft. When you get in the bed, you fall into it. It’s difficult to move or roll on it. It is because the bedding doesn’t reshape itself after you remove the force. That is why you feel stuck in it. For a short period, the bed might seem cosy to you. But, for a long time, it leads to many health issues and body pain.

Sleep experts recommend using a mattress having a perfect combination of contouring and response time at home. It not only makes sleep restful but also keeps you healthy.

After reading all the features of memory foam, if you are considering to buy it, check online stores and find affordable memory foam mattress there.

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