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Memory Foam Mattress, Its Properties And It`s Features

Comfortable sleep is the basic requirement of a body. It prepares the body for the next day and helps in achieving the new milestones in life. For relaxed, soothing and calm sleep, it is important to have a good sleeping surface. In its absence, good night sleep is not possible.

Remember the last time, you went to a relative’s house and had to sleep on the sofa. The next morning you woke up with a frozen neck. The reason for the same was uncomfortable bedding. When you sleep on an uneven surface or unsupportive mattress, your body tends to suffer from such pains. To get rid of this, always ensure that you are sleeping on a well-supported surface, comfortable and cozy surface. Memory foam mattresses are one of the best for the same. If your mattress has gotten old or you are planning to replace it, buy a traditional memory foam mattress or gel memory foam mattress for a comfortable sleep.

Types Of Memory Foam and Its Features

The memory foam is the latest and most advanced foams having all the characteristics that make sleep comfy. There are primarily three types of foams traditional memory foam, gel memory foam and open-cell memory foam. All these mattresses come in a thickness range of 6 inches to 14 inches. Sleep experts say that 10-12 inches of memory foam mattress provide the best support and aids relaxing sleep.

Traditional Memory Foam – This is the starting variant of memory foam developed by NASA for space. However, now it is a popular choice for mattress because of the features like
• It absorbs heat and shock
• It has motion transfer
• Reduces pressure on joints

Open Cell Memory Foam – The traditional memory foam has uncountable features that aid relaxing sleep, but it has certain limitations as well, which open cell memory foam has overcome. It is more advance than traditional and caters to customers having specific requirements.
• The foam has a faster response time.
• Respond to the body temperature
• Have better air circulation

Gel Memory Foam – This foam is much more advance than its two other counterparts. The exciting features of gel memory foam are
• It has better air circulation that keeps the mattress temperature low
• Better response time that doesn’t give the feeling of sinking
• It has hypoallergenic properties

In addition to these features, all three mattresses have an array of facets that one should check-in before buying a new mattress.

What Thickness Is Better For Whom?

The mattress is available in the following thicknesses

6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – This mattress is perfect for lean body individual, single sleeper and kids.

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – The mattress is for normal-weight individual sleepers.

10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – The mattress is for normal-weight individuals. If shared with a partner, it provides the same level of comfort. The mattress contains all five layers to ensure a comfortable sleep.

12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – The mattress is well suited for individuals having average body weight. Both 10 inches and 12 inches of memory foam are for people suffering from back pain or joint pain. The five layers present in the mattress gives required support to the back and joints that relieve pain.

14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – This the top size of the mattress, apt for heavyweight people. It is comfortable for partner sleepers as well. It provides excellent back, and sides support that makes sleep extremely relaxing.

The memory foam mattress is a good investment as it has a long life as well. If kept on a well-supported surface, it could last for more than ten years without the need for tiring and expensive maintenance. The foam attracts less dust and microorganisms that make it hypoallergenic and the best mattress for relaxing sleep. So, buy a memory foam mattress and give your body the comfort it yearns for.

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