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Key Features of Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Is your mind battling between gel memory vs traditional memory mattress? Which is the best, which one to buy? The difference between gel memory foam and memory is minor. But yes, when comes the matter of comfort, minor differences turn out as a game-changer.

So, our advice is, you check the complete specifications of both mattresses. And to help you, we are sharing here the key features of gel memory foam. You can compare it with traditional memory foam to get a better understanding.

What is gel memory foam?

Before we start instigating the top features of gel memory foam, let’s have a quick look, what is it?

The gel memory foam basically is a memory foam filled with gel. Makers introduced it to customers in the year 2011. This modification intended to rejuvenate the user’s sleep. Yes, it would be right to say gel memory foam is the advanced version of traditional foam!

If you have to visualize it, imagine the gel ice pack. The gel present in the mattress keeps it cool. Presently, it is the best memory foam mattress available.

You might hear from makers of gel memory foam about its different versions. But, practically, all these are just one. The makers have changed their name by changing the position of the gel layer.

Some kept it on the top of the mattress as a top layer, some in-between other layers. Some gel mattresses are of the type where the foam is induced by gel.

The Key Features Of Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Provide A Cooler Surface – Although this is subjective, some people have an issue with traditional memory foam. They claim to find the mattress hotter during mid-night. The reason for the same is that the high viscosity foam inside the memory foam absorbs the body heat, and there remains no circulation to wick it away. Gel foam, on the other hand, has a less dense structure. It makes air circulation within the foam possible.

The foam absorbs the body heat, then distribute it evenly, and eventually draws it. The gel particles also help in cooling, making the outer layer cooler. Therefore, people who have used gel foam find it cooler than its forerunner.

This feature is specifically more benefiting for those living in a hot climate. As well as, people suffering from the night sweating problem.

Quick Response Time – Response time means the amount of time a mattress takes to resume its shape once the force removed. The introduction of gel in the foam improves its response time. Gel foam has a shorter response time.

The downside of increased response time is that it gives the feeling of sinking in the bed. Additionally, it makes movement on the bed uncomfortable. The gel foam reduces the response time making it more comfortable.

The traditional memory foam mattresses have a shorter response time, and it is one of the best. The makers have done just improvisation in this feature.

No Compromise With Durability – Memory foam mattress is known for its long-life. The characteristic sustains in gel memory foam as well.

Introduction of gel in foam has reduced the foam density a bit, but this has not influenced its durability.

However, some experts say, it would be too early to comment on this because gel foam has come in the market just a few years back. Nevertheless, users of gel foam have not raised issues pertaining to its life.

So, if you are thinking to upgrade your mattress, hope this information turn helpful for you.

The traditional memory foam and gel memory foam, both are known for unmatched comfort that they offer. As said earlier, the difference between the two mattresses is minor, and only a critical observer would find it. They both are identical in terms of looks and characteristics except the cooling effect that gel foam offers.

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