Having Lower Back Pain? Here is What Needs to Take Care

Lower back pain is very common in today’s life style, a painful condition affecting the lower portion of your spine which is caused by injury to a muscle (strain) or ligament (sprain).

Some other common reasons include improper weight lifting, wrong posture while sitting or sleeping, lack of regular exercise, fracture, ruptured disk, in some cases due to arthritis.

Even the lower back pain is very common but most lower back pains are self-healed on its own in two to four weeks with proper rest and if not then Physical therapies and Specialised pain relievers and doctors can help.

Things to consider and take care of your posture while sleeping in case you have mild lower back pain.

Check your sitting posture & Chair

In this era most of the jobs include sitting on one place for 5-6 hours a day, post pandemic it has increased up to 10 hours in some professions. You posture must 90-degree angle and your laptop screen height should be parallel to your eyes so that you do not have to bend down your neck, that may lead to neck ache as well.

Regular Exercise & Yoga will help

A regular exercise of 15-20 mins a day can uplift the energy of your body and will prevent and help in healing body pains. Along with that 30-40 mins of yoga under guidance of trained practitioner will also help you to overcome of your lower back-pain, Please do consult a specialized Doctor in case you have serious issue with your back pain.

Check your old Mattress, and Replace it if required

Generally, a good mattress has 8-10 years of life span, depends on how it is being cared and handled, If your mattress is not allowing you to have comfortable sleep posture while sleeping and you feel back ache in the body while you wake up, it is time to replace your mattress to avoid the painful situation and making it worse for the future.

Do not sleep in improper posture, and keep good set of pillows that gives comfort to your neck and overall posture.

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