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Difference Between Traditional, Open Cell and Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Do you want to buy a memory foam mattress but don’t know which one would be the best for you? Here we have covered everything for you. Check out the difference between an open-cell, traditional and gel memory foam mattress. You might encounter many other terms when exploring more about this. However, broadly, the mattress is categorized into these three types.

Open Cell Memory Foam – The open cell memory foam mattresses are those that have broken cell wall. The material allows the air to get inside the cell, making it cooler than the traditional memory foam. This mattress is befitting for those who like to sleep on a mattress that remains cool at the night.

The other fact about open-cell foam is that because of the open cell wall, these foams are less dense, which impacts it`s durability and firmness.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress – The mattress has a close cell wall. It is often closed by inducing gel. This makes it denser. However, the best part of this mattress is that it removes heat absorbed by the foam following the capillary action. This flow of air reduces the overall temperature of the mattress.

But at the same time, the foam keeps all its original characteristics intact. Gel memory foam has the same density, durability and long life as the traditional mattress. This is the reason that in the USA people consider it as the best memory foam mattress.

The mattress is made either by swirling liquid gel in it, adding a layer of gel or by adding gel beads. The more advanced gel mattress has thermal gel placed inside. This gel absorbs the body heat to lower down the body temperature. Nevertheless, even after all the changes, the foam still has an unmatched body contouring effect and response time.

Traditional Memory Foam – The traditional memory foam is the old standard memory foam. It has an open-cell structure. Because of the same, the foam traps the heat inside. This makes it hot during the night. People living in colder places love this feature of traditional memory foam. It is the most affordable memory foam mattress of all.

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